July 2011 ,Woodland Hills,CASkyko tracks violin solo on Jon Anderson's "Song Of The Violin"

Skyko is pleased to announce he has finished writing and recording a violin solo for a song on the upcoming album from legendary rock group YES’s front man Jon Anderson. Quite an honor, especially tracking the violin solo on a song called “Song of the Violin”!

Not only a lifelong fan of YES, Skyko drew inspiration from the group as well: “I used to try and musically dissect all of the 80's and 90's YES recordings and figure out how they got such amazing productions,” Skyko says. “It seemed so impossible at the time and it was only after a decade of trial and error that I felt that I was on the right track.”

At first, recording the track for one of Skyko’s musical heroes was a challenge. After a few attempts trying to anticipate what Jon and co-producer Jann Castor were looking for, Skyko says “I thought they wanted a more aggressive feel, and I was having a difficult time with that because I didn't feel that in the song.  Eventually on the third version, I tried to focus on what I felt, and that seemed to be the one that everyone liked best.”

Another lesson in going with your gut!

May 2011 ,Woodland Hills,CAWelcome to our new and improved Dreamonic website.

We have updated our MEDIA page to include many more recordings. All pieces were composed and performed by Skyko, a man of diversity with a message of unity.

Skyko is an accomplished composer and multi-instrumentalist, proficient and prolific in a variety of genres from orchestral to electronica, pop/rock to club.

Please visit our BLOG page to keep up with new projects as they happen.

Thanks for stopping by. Check it out!

March 2011 ,Woodland Hills,CAComposer Skyko just finished a project for CMA music library exclusive to FOX International/ National Geographic.

Congratulations go out to Skyko for completing work on his 19 original tracks for Creative Music Assets (CMA). Founded by Ariel Blumenthal and Deddy Tzur, CMA is implementing an innovative model by which leading entertainment networks and production companies can broadcast music. CMA counts Fox International Channel and National Geographic on its list of music clients. This achievement marks the completion of the company's inaugural production. Next time you're watching National Geographic or FIC, you might be listening to Skyko's compositions!

February 2011 ,Woodland Hills,CASkylab Sound Music Production from beyond

Skyko records all of his original music at Skylab Sound in Woodland Hills, California. To learn more about this breakthrough sound laboratory, please visit our new website at Skylab Sound and stick around to listen to some music that was produced in the lab's facilities.

August 2010 ,Woodland Hills,CA Skyko was commissioned by Creative Music Assets (CMA) to compose original music for their unique and powerful library.

Under the direction of co-founders Ariel Blumenthal and Deddy Tzur, CMA is spearheading a business model that gives leading production entities a new way of incorporating music into their broadcasts. Among CMA's noteworthy clients are Fox International Channel (FIC) and National Geographic.

April 2010 ,Woodland Hills,CANow on the Dreamonic website: Skyko's Video "Live and Sampled Strings Part 2"

Skyko is pleased to announce the posting of the second part to his popular video, “LIVE AND SAMPLED STRINGS.”Skyko shares his engineering and production wizardry, explaining how he achieves such a broad, genuine, symphonic sound by mixing acoustic violins with orchestral samples.

Adding to the violin theme Skyko shared in Part 1, here Skyko performs a second theme and again walks us through how the sound grows as he adds duplicate violin tracks, mixing in 3 or 4 violins at a time until there are 24 violins playing the theme in unison. Then Skyko takes us into his studio and shows how, by adding violin string samples playing the themes as well, a natural yet huge orchestral sound is achieved. Finally, Skyko punches in the sequenced viola, contrabass, etc, tracks and presto – wood meets silicon with the depth of a full orchestra, all achieved by one man, one violin, and one computer!

Skyko offers these fun and informative videos for musicians, recording professionals and audiophiles alike.

March 2010 ,Woodland Hills,CASkyko writes and records violin solo for the Mavien Bliss album "Sumthin Special"

Skyko has completed recording a violin solo for the MAVIEN BLISS pop/dance song “Reasons (If You Love Me)."

Skyko has collaborated with BEAT ROYALTY producers Edo Plasschaert and Chris Kooreman on various projects in the past and Vie from MAVIEN BLISS sang at a Christmas charity show for the San Gabriel Children's Home that Skyko put together a couple of years ago as well.

BEAT ROYALTY’s studio is just down the street from Skyko’s studio in Woodland Hills, CA, and Skyko says, “It's always great to work with familiar faces -- especially with talented musicians that have great ideas and interesting stories to tell.”

Album is available on iTunes.

February 2010 ,Woodland Hills,CASkyko announces the posting of "Live and Sampled Strings Part1"

How do you blend real violins with sampled orchestra to create a sound that is both authentic and symphonically robust at the same time? Skyko shares his secrets with the posting of his new video “LIVE AND SAMPLED STRINGS PART 1,” available now, free on the MEDIA page of DREAMONIC.COM.

In Part 1, Skyko demonstrates the individual tones of three of his favorite violins, then shows the increasing depth of sound when one of his original violin themes is duplicated by 3, 6, 10, 14, 18, 21 and finally 24 violins, all played in unison.

It’s like a quick master’s class in recording a huge violin sound. Check it out! Part 2 – adding string samples to the acoustic violins -- is coming soon!

August 2009 ,Woodland Hills,CASkyko's music is featured in a new film starring Cybill Shepherd - Mrs Washington goes to Smith.

After her husband leaves her for a younger woman, Alice Washington a middle aged mother of two decides to complete her college education at Smith College. She and her 20 year old room mate Zoe Burns share their experiences, conflicts and interest in their poetry professor.

January 2009 ,Woodland Hills,CASkyko composed and performed a violin solo in two songs for Blue Note Recording artist Sabrina Starke.

Skyko has written and played violin solos on the songs “It's Time” and “Yellow Brick Road” for Edison Award-winning Dutch artist Sabrina Starke's album “Yellow Brick Road.”

The release of this album has been made possible by way of the legendary Blue Note Records, which puts it in the context of a stellar tradition of artists.

The “Yellow Brick Road” album was produced by Beat Royalty, a group of artistans in the Netherlands consisting of Edo Plasschaert, Chris Kooreman, Star-K-Records and published by EMI Music Publishing Holland.

The album is currently available for instant download via iTunes.


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